Treatise on the Diseases of Women

¿Treatise on the Diseases of Women de Lydia E. Pinkham? Hummm. Este tratado llamaba a los enfermos a confiar en su tónico. Al final concocter

A Woman Best Understands a Woman
Experience a Perfect Teacher.—Do you know what it is to suffer pain? Have you had your body racked and torn with intense suffering? Have you ever experienced that indescribable agony which comes from overworked nerves?
Have you ever felt the sharp, stinging pain, the dull, heavy pain, the throbbing, jumping pain, the cramping, tearing pain, the sickening, nauseating pain? Then you know all about them. Nobody can tell you anything more. Experience is a perfect teacher.
Book-Learning Alone Not Sufficient.—Suppose you had never experienced pain, but had just read about it in a book, do you think you would have any kind of an idea of what genuine suffering was? Most certainly not.
Book knowledge is valuable. It teaches the location of countries, the use of figures, and the history of nations; but there are some things books cannot do, and the greatest of these is, they cannot describe physical and mental suffering. These are things that must be experienced.

Personal Experience Necessary.—After you have once suffered, how ready you are to sympathize with those who are going through the same severe trials. If a member of your own home or a friend is passing through the trying ordeal of motherhood, and you have suffered the same, how you can advise, suggest, comfort, guide! If you have had a personal experience of intense agony once every month, do you not think you are in a far better position to talk with one who is suffering in the same way than you would be if you had never gone through all this?
You Best Understand Yourself.—But let us go a little farther in this study. When you listen to an eminent orator, you have but little idea whether he is nervous or not, but little idea whether he is undergoing a severe strain or not; for you have never been in his place, cannot understand just that condition.
Men become greatly interested in political matters; perhaps it often seems to you that they become too much disturbed; and yet how can you judge, for you have never been in their place? And so we might go on, giving illustration after illustration as additional proof to this one great fact… (Treatise on the Diseases of Women, by Lydia E. Pinkham)

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Lydia Estes Pinkham (1819 – 1883) fue una icónica inventora y astuta marketinera de un exitoso tónico femenino, hierbas y alcohol, que supuestamente aliviaba los dolores menstruales y de la menopausia. Aunque el Pinkham's Vegetable Compound se vendía bien al público en general los expertos en salud lo consideraban una estafa.

… was an iconic concocterinventor

En 1906 Estados Unidos estableció la Pure Food and Drug Act, que requería que los productores de medicinas patentadas mostraran los ingredientes de sus productos en la etiqueta. Lydia Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound contenía un quince por ciento de alcohol. La nueva acta impedía a los productores hacer falsas promesas. Lydia Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound no podía promocionarse como que servía para tratar problemas como útero prolapsado, ulceras uterinas o debilidad general femenina. Sin embargo, el compuesto continuó recibiendo testimonios positivos y se vendió exitosamente.

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Este tratado, de aproximadamente 61 páginas, es una buena idea para incluir en la clase de inglés. No tiene vocabulario difícil y es bastante entretenido.

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