Carl Sandburg

Algo sobre la vida y la obra de Carl Sandburg, ganador de premios por poesías y biografías. Al final un video de alguien que presenció el encuentro de Marilyn Monroe, la estrella de Hollywood, con Carl Sandburg

Carl Sandburg (January 6, 1878 – July 22, 1967) was an American poet, writer, and editor. He won three Pulitzer Prizes: two for his poetry and one for his biography of Abraham Lincoln. During his lifetime, Sandburg was widely regarded as "a major figure in contemporary literature", especially for volumes of his collected verse, including Chicago Poems (1916), Cornhuskers (1918), and Smoke and Steel (1920).
Much of Carl Sandburg's poetry, such as "Chicago", focused on Chicago, Illinois, where he spent time as a reporter for the Chicago Daily News and the Day Book.
Sandburg recorded excerpts from the biography and some of Lincoln's speeches for Caedmon Records in New York City in May 1957. He was awarded a Grammy Award in 1959 for Best Performance for his recording of Aaron Copland's Lincoln Portrait with the New York Philharmonic.

Sandburg is also remembered by generations of children for his Rootabaga Stories and Rootabaga Pigeons, a series of whimsical, sometimes melancholy stories he originally created for his own daughters.
…On a Friday morning when the flummywisters were yodeling yisters high in the elm trees, the Potato Face Blind Man came down to his work sitting at the corner nearest the postoffice in the Village of Liver-and-Onions and playing his gold-that-used-to-be accordion for the pleasure of the ears of the people going into the postoffice to see if they got any letters for themselves or their families… (Excerpt from How the Potato Face Blind Man Enjoyed Himself on a Fine Spring Morning, by Carl Sandburg)

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Aaron Copland (/ˌærən ˈkoʊplənd/; 1900 – 1990) fue un compositor norteamericano. Se referían a él como "the Dean of American Composers." Es más conocido por los trabajos que escribió en 1930 y 1940 en un estilo accesible a todos. Sus obras incluyen los ballets Appalachian Spring, Billy the Kid y Rodeo, Fanfare for the Common Man y Third Symphony
Whimsical: unusual in a playful or amusing way: not serious
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Fue Ernest Hemingway quien reconoció que el Nobel debía ir para Carl Sandburg

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