The Country of the Blind

Los sabios del lugar aconsejan que Nunez sea operado para extraerle los ojos, ya que estos interferían en la vida normal del recién llegado. Se le comunica esta sugerencia al protagonista quien por momentos siente que debe someterse para ser feliz con su nuevo amor. The Country of the Blind, de H. G. Wells
But Nunez's manner of receiving the good news struck him as being cold and disappointing.
"One might think," he said, "from the tone you take, that you did not care for my daughter."
It was Medina-saroté who persuaded Nunez to face the blind surgeons.
"You do not want me," he said, "to lose my gift of sight?"
She shook her head.
"My world is sight."
Her head drooped lower.
"There are the beautiful things, the beautiful little things—the flowers, the lichens among the rocks, the lightness and softness on a piece of fur, the far sky with its drifting down of clouds, the sunsets and the stars. And there is you. For you alone it is good to have sight, to see your sweet, serene face, your kindly lips, your dear, beautiful hands folded together… It is these eyes of mine you won, these eyes that hold me to you, that these idiots seek. Instead, I must touch you, hear you, and never see you again. I must come under that roof of rock and stone and darkness, that horrible roof under which your imagination stoops… No; you would not have me do that?"

A disagreeable doubt had arisen in him. He stopped, and left the thing a question.
"I wish," she said, "sometimes——" She paused.
"Yes," said he, a little apprehensively.
"I wish sometimes—you would not talk like that."
"Like what?"
"I know it's pretty—it's your imagination. I love it, but now——"
He felt cold. "Now?" he said faintly.
She sat quite still.
"You mean—you think—I should be better, better perhaps——-"
He was realising things very swiftly. He felt anger, indeed, anger at the dull course of fate, but also sympathy for her lack of understanding—a sympathy near akin to pity.
"Dear," he said, and he could see by her whiteness how intensely her spirit pressed against the things she could not say. He put his arms about her, he kissed her ear, and they sat for a time in silence.
"If I were to consent to this?" he said at last, in a voice that was very gentle.
She flung her arms about him, weeping wildly. "Oh, if you would," she sobbed, "if only you would!"
For a week before the operation that was to raise him from his servitude and inferiority to the level of a blind citizen, Nunez knew nothing of sleep, and all through the warm sunlit hours, while the others slumbered happily, he sat brooding or wandered aimlessly, trying to bring his mind to bear on his dilemma. He had given his answer, he had given his consent, and still he was not sure. And at last work-time was over, the sun rose in splendour over the golden crests, and his last day of vision began for him. He had a few minutes with Medina-saroté before she went apart to sleep.
"To-morrow," he said, "I shall see no more."… (The Country of the Blind, radio program from Escape, 1947)
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Escape fue un programa de radio que emitía dramas de aventura y misterio. Estuvo en el aire desde 1947 hasta 1954. Al no tener un sponsor regular Escape fue sometido a regulares cambios de horarios y bajos presupuestos.
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