The Revenant

The Revenant es una película de aventuras  dirigida por Alejandro Iñárritu, ambientada en el siglo 19. Fue escrita por Iñárritu y Mark L. Smith, basada en parte en la novela de Michael Punke del mismo nombre. El film está inspirado en las experiencias de los hombres del oeste y del trampero Hugh Glass en 1823 en Montana y South Dakota. Está protagonizada por Leonardo DiCaprio como Glass y co-protagonizada por Tom Hardy, Domhnall Gleeson y Will Poulter. Vemos el argumento, en ingles, y un vocabulario destacado.

The Plot

In 1823, a party of trappers under the command of Captain Andrew Henry hunt for pelts in the unsettled wilderness of the northern Louisiana Purchase (now the Dakotas). When they are ambushed by the Arikara Native Americans, some of the party escapes on a boat while the rest are slaughtered. At the recommendation of the party's guide and most experienced hunter Hugh Glass, who has knowledge of the area and natives, they abandon the boat and begin the journey back to their outpost, Fort Kiowa, on foot. The decision bothers some, particularly John Fitzgerald, who is hostile towards Glass's half-native son Hawk, as he was partially scalped by natives years prior.
the revenant
The Revenant (film)
While scouting ahead, Glass is ambushed by a female grizzly bear after disturbing her cubs. He manages to kill it but is badly mauled; the party discovers him close to death and carries him on a makeshift stretcher. Fitzgerald argues that Glass will not survive his injuries and that they should kill him to speed their journey. Unable to kill Glass, Henry offers payment for several men to stay behind with him instead. Fitzgerald, Hawk and the young Jim Bridger volunteer. Henry has Fitzgerald promise to stay with Glass until he dies and give him a proper burial.

Once alone with Glass, Fitzgerald tries to smother him, but Hawk discovers them. A struggle ensues and Fitzgerald kills Hawk while Glass helplessly watches. When Bridger returns, Fitzgerald says Hawk is missing, and Glass is too injured to protest. Fitzgerald lies that the Arikara are nearby and that they must abandon Glass; he drags Glass into a makeshift grave. Bridger hesitates but flees with Fitzgerald, leaving Glass with his canteen. Glass crawls out of the grave and walks through the woods for days, haunted by visions of his deceased Native wife. He escapes the Arikara, whose chief is searching for his kidnapped daughter Powaqa, by floating down rapids… (Taken and adapted from Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia)

revenant: fantasma
pelts: pieles
makeshift: provisional
smother: asfixiar    

Los protagonistas de The Revenant (Leonardo DiCaprio y Tom Hardy) entrevistados. Lo más difícil: enfrentar el frío en las filmaciones…