Sand Queen

Helen Benedict es una novelista y periodista de Estados Unidos, más conocida por sus escritos sobre la injusticia social y la Guerra de Iraq. En Sand Queen la escritora muestra a una mujer en combate, en un relato impresionante y apasionado. Leer este libro es la mejor forma de entender los desafíos de ser mujer soldado durante un conflicto militar

… IT'S THE BIGGEST frigging spider I’ve ever seen in my life. From one hairy leg to the other, the whole thing’s as long as my forearm. So I make sure it’s dead first. Nudge it with the butt of my rifle till it flips over, limp and sandy. Then I pick it up by a leg, haul it into the tent like a shopping bag and nail it to the pole beside the head of my cot, right under my crucifix. That should keep Macktruck quiet, at least for the time being. He’s terrified of spiders. Asshole.
The whistling is loud outside the tent today; a creepy, skin-prickling sound I can never get used to. The desert whistles all day and night out here. The hissing whistle of the wind cutting past your helmet. The moaning whistle of it winnowing through the razor wire. I stand under the hot canvas a moment, just listening. And then it hits me again, that deep-down ache that makes me want to curl up and cry.

“What the fuck are you doing, Brady?” It’s Will Rickman, this bony young specialist in my squad with zitty skin and an Adam’s apple twice the size of his brain.
I wipe my hands on my pants. “Nothing.”
Rickman steps closer and squints at my spider. “Look at that thing. It’s disgusting. It’s fuckin’ bleeding black ooze.”
“Don’t talk like that about Fuzzy.”
Iraq, routine patrol, 2006
Iraq, routine patrol, 2006
Rickman raises his eyebrows. But all he says is, “Let’s go, they’re waiting.”
I pick up my rifle and follow him, sunglasses over my eyes, scarf over my mouth. Ducking against the wind, the sand whipping into my cheeks, I run to the Humvee and cram into the back behind the other guy in my team, DJ, and our squad leader, Staff Sergeant Kormick.
“We got better things to do than wait while you powder your nose, Brady,” Kormick shouts to me over the wind, shoving the Humvee into gear with a grinding wrench.
“Don’t keep us waiting again. Got it?”
“Got it, Sar’nt.”…. (Sand Queen, by Helen Benedict)

Cot: bed  Winnowing: blowing  Zitty: having pimples  Squints: looks  Ooze: viscous matter

Para saber
Humvee: es un vehículo militar liviano con tracción en las 4 ruedas, producido por AM General. Ha suplantado largamente los roles desempeñados por el jeep original. Usado por el ejército de EEUU, también se desempeña en otros países y organizaciones. Su amplio uso en la Guerra del Golfo, en 1991, ayudó a inspirar el uso civil con las versiones Hummer.

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