Michael Cunningham

His "gift" for writing

Michael Cunningham es un escritor norteamericano. Cunningham es conocido por su novela The Hours, de 1998, la cual le ganó el premio Pulitzer por ficción. Al final algo sobre creative writing

Cunningham is a senior lecturer of creative writing at Yale University. He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and grew up in Pasadena, California. Cunningham studied English literature at Stanford University, where he earned his degree. Later, at the University of Iowa, he received a Michener Fellowship and was awarded a Master of Fine Arts degree from the Iowa Writers' Workshop. While studying at Iowa, Cunningham had short stories published in the Atlantic Monthly and the Paris Review. His short story White Angel was later used as a chapter in his novel A Home at the End of the World. It was included in "The Best American Short Stories, 1989", published by Houghton Mifflin.
The Hours established Cunningham as a major force in American writing, and his 2010 novel, By Nightfall, was also well received by American critics. Cunningham edited a book of poetry and prose by Walt Whitman, Laws for Creations, and co-wrote, with Susan Minot, a screenplay adapted from Minot's novel Evening.

Michael Cunningham on his “gift” for writing:
… I understood almost immediately that the fundamental problem presented by writing, can you simulate life using ink, paper and the words in the dictionary, was endlessly fascinating to me and I think I mean you have to have some kind of gift but I think what we mean by gift is often sort of another way of talking about this bottomless interest in what you´re trying to do. I wasn´t the best writer in my creative writing class but I was the only one who would stay up all night and write the sentences fifty times until it started to seem less dead and that´s kind of been a story ever since, it´s this endless capacity of mine just do it and do it and do it until it´s never what you hoped it would be but you realize that you just can´t do…

Para saber
Creative writing es cualquier escritura que va por fuera de los límites de las formas literarias periodísticas, académicas o técnicas. En el medio académico la escritura creativa es separada en ficción y clases de poesía, con un enfoque en escribir de manera original.
Creative Writing programs están disponibles para los escritores desde la escuela secundaria. Tradicionalmente han estado asociados con los departamentos de inglés, pero esta noción está cambiando  ya que más y más programas están apareciendo.
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