De la película Unforgiven, protagonizada por Clint Eastwood, aquí algunos párrafos del guión. La trama se desarrolla en el viejo oeste norteamericano: William Munny se casa con una buena mujer, que muere luego de haberle dado dos hijos. Dos vaqueros esperan la justicia de “Pequeño Bill” luego de que cortaran a una prostituta. El chico (The Kid) conoce la fama de Munny. ¿Qué es un Morgan horse?

Of good family, although one of modest means, she was an attractive young woman and not without prospects.  Therefore it was at once heartbreaking and astonishing to her mother that she would enter into marriage with William Munny, a known thief and murderer, a man of notoriously vicious and intemperate disposition.
… They were married in St. Louis in 1870 and they traveled North to Kansas where he engaged in farming and swine farming.
… She bore him two children in the eight years of their marriage and when she died, it was not at his hands as her mother might have expected, but of smallpox.  That                    was in 1878.
…  It wasn't until 1881... three years later... that a cowboy named Mike cut up a whore in Big Whiskey, Nebraska in the Niobrara River country.

… Davey sitting naked on the floor of the bar room and Mike is sitting near him, still in his leggings and both men are shivering because they are fifteen feet from the potbellied stove where Clyde is standing watching them. It is a big room, with a crude bar and four tables and some moose and elk heads on the wall.  The door near the rear where it says "Billiard Room" leads not to a Billiard Room but to the six little "rooms" that are the whorehouse and and now you can hear Delilah groaning from there. And Little Bill enters from the back of the bar room, stooping to pass through the doorway under the sign that says "Billiard Room."
Little Bill is huge and ominous.  Some say he acquired the bearskin by staring the bear to death and others say he drowned the animal in spit.  Anyhow, he's big with a      drooping moustache and he is sucking on his church warden's clay pipe and you know he isn't scared of anything. And the two cowboys are scared to death, not just shivering from the cold, and Bill just looks down at them and sucks on his pipe and Alice comes in from the back way too and then Skinny and a couple of the whores gather in the doorway.

… Some months later, Hodgeman County, Kansas.
Munny is thirty-five or forty years old, his hair is thinning and his moustache bends miserably over his unshaved jaw.  If it were not for his eyes he would look like any pig farmer with his canvas overalls tucked in his boots pushing on a hog.  He is pushing on the hog again, grunting with the effort, when he hears the voice.
THE KID'S VOICE: You don't look like no basic, celebrating, cold-blooded assassin.
MUNNY (looking up, startled): Huh?
THE KID is only six feet away, the sun behind him, sitting on a very big and very ancient Morgan horse.  He's wearing a wide-brimmed Texas hat, a vest, a holstered pistol, and he is a thin kid, maybe twenty years old, with untidy blonde hair, four of his upper front teeth missing, and a funny, indirect way of looking out of his watery blue eyes.  Most of all, he doesn't look very prosperous.
THE KID: I seen how you got only three fingers on your left hand, though, so I guess you're calling yourself  Mister Bill Munny… (Paragraphs from Unforgiven, by David Webb Peoples, in easier English.)

Morgan horse: es una de las primeras razas desarrolladas en EEUU. Se usaron de diferentes maneras, como tiro de carruajes, de carreras de carrozas, de paseo y en la caballería en la guerra civil.
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